Friday, June 24, 2011

Coilover for HT81S

This story started 2 days ago when my sister car broke down and had to borrow my car for 2 days. After the end of day 1, my sister throw me a question "Do you tune your car to be bouncy ?" My reaction was "Yeah, I tune it down and set it to a harder settings. I will set it to soft later."
Since I owned this car back in 2005, I had change the suspension to Suzuki sport sport comfort and never done anything else.
So I am starting to whether to change my suspension set after using it for 100k km, what is my option? I had decided to stick back to coilover and it must be able to adjust the height (front and rear) and soft/hard.
Now, I am going to list dowLinkn all the available manufacturer in the market for HT81S.

1. Suzuki sport/ Monster Sport

Sport comfort (blue) - Street and race
Part No. : 554500-4350
Price : JPY 152,250
Links :-

Race (white) - race and track
Part No. : 574530-4350
Price : JPY 175,000
Links :-

2. OHLINS (My next target )
Part No. : DFV (custom made)
Price : JPY 320,000- 450,000
Links :-

3. Cusco
Compact Zero 1
Parts No. : 615 60H CN
Price : JPY 154,200
Links :-

Compact S
Parts No. : 615 60G A
Price : JPY 134,200
Links :-

4. Tein
Super Street
Parts No. :
Price : JPY 224,700
Links :-

Type Gravel
Parts No. : NA
Price : JPY 308-700
Links :-

5. Bilstein
Parts No. : NA (Premium Order Line)
Price : JPY 247,800
Links :-

6. KWLink
Parts No. : Type MH - 395 76 501
Price : Euro 2.142,00
Links : -

7. D2
(Picture from SISOC)
Parts No. : S15
Price : NA
Links :-

8. Gaz Shocks
(Picture from SISOC)
Parts No. : NA
Price : NA
Links :

Based on my research on the internet and from magazine, all the above are available option for suspension upgrade for HT81S/HV81S. Choose wisely and remember to check for spring rate and damper setting option.
Anyone selling used OHLINS ???


  1. I'm using the white suzuki sport adjustable. My sister and my boss don't like it one bit :)

  2. It is for track usage, that's why they don't really like it.
    I am using the blue suzuki sport now and my parents don't like it from day one.