Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monster Sport Carpet for HT81S

It's been a while since Monster Sport produces something for the vintage HT81S. Maybe Monster Sport are quite free recently and found that their demo HT81S a bit dirty hence they think of something new for the car.
The carpet they had produced for the new Swift Sport are very nice design and built. This time they followed the same concept and I am pretty pleased with the result.
The design are really great as the outline of the carpet follow the contour of the flooring and the railing of the seats as shown on the above picture.
It doesn't come cheap anyway but it does make the interior pop and make it beautiful. Anyway, if you been driving your HT81S for the past 10 years, I think you can take this opportunity to replace the original carpet.

Price : JPY 16,000
Part number : 894500-4350M
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Something from Japan

Its been a while since I last purchase something from Japan, especially it is a used item. There aren't many things that I would like to buy for my HT81S, except the Suzuki sport wing mirror, the carbon rear wing and the Ikeya Formula Shifter.
This is one of the item I look forward to buy many years ago when I got myself the triple DIN gauge meter for my car. I spotted this item on yahoo auction the other day and just bought it directly. For those who don't know where this part will go to is this will replace the cover on top of radio (HT81S) or the air cone controller (HV81S) model.
This part will enable you to put either the radio on the top or the DIN gauge or even a LCD monitor on this part. It will be a great modification parts for your interior.
This is something you can do with this cover. But mind you the finishing on this cover aren't carbon fibre effect as per original it is just a matt black finish. I bit setback on this part. Anyway, you can always use carbon fibre sticker to decorate it back.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sonic The Hedgehog on Ignis ?

Do you remember Sonic the Hedgehog ?
If you do, you live in the same age as me which is not young and not the gen-y or gen-z generation. Sega do produce some very good game and this is one of the best and I like this game very much.

What connection can we come to with an Ignis ? Check this car !
This was spotted in and it is from Singapore and this owner do loe Sonic very much to be part of the decal on the side of this Ignis.
Personally, I would prefer the Monster Sport decal to be remove and add in more Sonic on the side. The Monster Sport decal can stay on the front bonnet anyway.

If you like the car, you can buy it at SGD12,000 and its all yours a Sonic on Ignis!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

HT81S in Japan's Discovery Channel Hot Wheels & Hot Rides

Sometimes, some photos are too great to miss. The below photo are spotted a few weeks ago online and the colour make it look so great. What you looking at the photo below are some photo posted by the owner to Japan's Discovery Channel Hot Wheels & Hot Rides page. I think the page is a place for owner to show their ride and hopefully get a prize or two if being chosen.
The evil look of HT81S in a stormy background. Tinted headlamp and black grill really make it spooky and evil.

 The interior colour of white matching with black really look nice!
This angle of the car look nice too!

Such a great job on this car. I really praise the owner for a job well done.
Do you have some great photo of HT81S ? Share with me at

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Friday, September 12, 2014

HT81S on sale at Monster Sport Edogawa Japan

Do you have some extra 500000 Yen lying around and wish to have something to drive around weekend ?  I think you can contact Monster Edogawa Japan for a unit of HT81S. 
 Do you see a Ohlins on the front shocks ?
 How about a Suzuki sport ST-r exhaust on the end ?
 Only 50,000 KM on the odometer !
 17" Speedline rim ?
A Ohlins again on the rear ?

Plus it is fitted with LSD too. What a wonderful car at wonderful price. I wish to have this as a spare and this could well be a magazine car for the future. Dang, why I am not in Japan!

Links to Monster Edogawa facebook page :-

Links to sale page by Monster Shop Edogawa :-

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More from New Caledonia

I think I am lucky enough to get more response from Iggy owner from all over the world, this time words had spread at New Caledonia where more picture were sent to my mail and hence I got a chance to post it here to share to all.
As you can see the picture are great with a view of the highlands, I never been to New Caledonia but I assume it will be a great island with nice mountain and sea.
 Hey, I see a Getz and a Punto too, but Iggy is better!
 The black Iggy is nice as the colour fade towards the rear. The white with monster are look cool too.
 Can you spot the difference between the below picture ?
 There are at least 4 differences between both picture,
The answer are :-
1. Rims
2. Headlights
3. Bonnet hood
4. Signal cover

Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIY intake from Greece

Here I spot another interesting intake kit by Apostolis Maggakis from Greece. This design is a more boxy design compare with the PFX by Monster Sport. The concept is very simple using box design rather than curve to ease the construction.
A simple air filter compliment the design and something you should take note is the plastic bracket that are require to secure the position of the intake air box and the air filter itself.
Another angle to see the bracket to secure the position or else both the air box and filter will rock around while driving. Anyway, this setup will be great for cruising and not traffic stop go as it will suck in a lot of hot air while stationary. The same problem applied to PFX kit by monster.

Links to original page from Suzuki Ignis Sport GR Club :-

All photo belong to the owner and credit to him!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bonjour New Caledonia

First of all, thank you Greg for sharing all these wonderful photo all the way from New Caledonia. To be honest, I don't know where New Caledonia is and this is really a geography lesson for me via google.
It is quite interesting to have so many HT81S at New Caledonia and the local interested to buy HT81S when there are so many more to choose from JDM market.
 The car look nice and there are red, yellow and white model which I personally love all these colour.
 Something that interest me are the long number of number plate used in New Caledonia.
 Red look nice here!
 What happened to this red HT81S ? Quite a mod going on there.
I wish to express my great thanks to Greg again for sharing these photo and I wish you could send more picture too. It is something very difficult to have a view on the other side of the world. Even tho we stay on the same planet but everything seems so far away.
I do wish someday all the HT81S and HV81S owner able to have a mega gathering !

Friday, August 29, 2014

Anime on HT81S again

This is the latest anime on HT81S I can find from Japanese website and this one stand out from the rest   mainly due to the sticker on the front bonnet.
I wonder where the owner get his inspiration to do this wrap on the bonnet, it is not ugly but it doesn't look nice too when paired with the anime on the side.
What do you think about this design ? For me it look like my table top plastic cover or something like my bath towel.

 The rear design are not that interesting too but at least there are some anime character.
The page that host these photos are from the company that design and print the sticker on the car. They do have a lot of others car done and their photo are shoot at the underground basement car park.

Links to original page :-

All credit are to the photo owner!