Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wanted ! Cash reward !

Cash for parts above, require this parts for my upgrading works on my HT81S. If anyone have leads or have this for sale, kindly contact me or drop me a msg. I had tried to contact some online Rally parts seller but without any reply so far.
Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Transplant M18 into HT81S the Russian Way

A casual browsing today bump me into this page in Russian by an owner of HT81S. He had picture out the process of him getting a M18 engine into a HT81S. Mostly the words are in Russian so I don't understand much, but with google translate we can read and understand a bit of the question and rant he have in the process. The photo are great and a good source of reading.

Some of the photo, credits to the original writer :-

For more photos visit the links below.
Links to original page :-

I do appreciate if the original writer could share what is the current status of progress of this mod. Really interested to ask about the electrical and mechanical parts.

Monday, July 7, 2014

HT81S Touge Battle

Just saw this video posted by Kousuke Hirata from Japan. This was shared in the Suzuki Ignis Sport Owners page in Facebook. For those who uses facebook, you can login and view this video via the link below.
The video is a bit shaky but it was taken inside a Suzuki Cervo following a HT81S on mountain road in Japan. Nice sound, just dont pay too much attention to the video as you might get very dizzy looking at it.
Great job Hirata-san, I will await more video from you.

Links to facebook page :-

Friday, July 4, 2014

Ignis Sport from Singapore

Saw this photo yesterday and feel it should be share to all HT81S, even though I prefer a clean car this photo speaks a lot of the main purpose of HT81S which is to be off road and for fun!
A muddy HT81S does give back the feeling of rallying off road and having fun. Kudos to this owner for showing this side of the car in an event in Singapore.

Links to original page :-

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ignis Sport Brochure from Netherlands

This is sure a good find in the Internet, this time I managed to find a few pages of Ignis Sport brochure from Netherlands. It was from a seller page from Netherlands and I not sure what the details are but it does cost a lot. I have the links for the original page at the bottom of the post.
Basically the pages and design of this brochure are similar to the one from UK, Australia and Japan. The picture used are similar too
Anyway, I do love the picture of the 17' JWRC Ignis Super 1600, it just look mean and awesome. It does make a good posture at the room.

All credit to the seller and for the picture.

Links to original page (Hungary) :-

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

OEM Radiator

 Recently I take the opportunity to replace my custom copper radiator that I had used for the past 5 years and I managed to find a replacement by Koyorad which was imported in from Singapore via a local seller here. A pretty good seller which help me get this radiator very fast.
I had difficulties to get a matching radiator for HT81S as it doesn't share much to other car and only 2 manufacturer produce this radiator not counting the original by Denso.
Koyorad and Nissens does produce the matching radiator that fit the original mounting of HT81S.
One thing that I didn't like about plastic and aluminium radiator is they tend to crack at the plastic bit which happened to my original radiator many years ago. I hope to find a complete aluminium radiator but can't as no manufacturer will produce this size.
You can google for the parts number by Koyorad as PL101364 and Nissens as 63014A which both will fit perfectly on the original mounting of HT81S including the fan position.
 For those looking for the dimension of the original radiator, you could refer to the diagram below by Nissens.
You can always find a Nissens radiator via ebay and the price are reasonable.

P/S : Koyorad doesn't include the radiator cap in the package.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Anime on white HT81S

A white HT81S is the best canvass for a lot of design and great for Anime character. This time I would like to share with you a JDM HT81S with anime design for the entire car except the roof.
As usual, girls are the main theme and blond of course. English word that doesn't carry much meaning in actual vocabulary but hey it is just cute and nice.
One thing that I always notice on JDM model is the car is so clean, maybe they send the car for a very good cleaner prior to the photo taken or there aren't much dirt on the road and the car aren't driven much.
 Can you see the rim ? It is so clean ! Mine always have the problem with brake dust.
With this anime on the back of the car, I think my local police will surely stop me for a chat!

Links to original page :-

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why it is so noisy ?

It is almost 3 weeks since I get back my car for the run-in period for my newly overhaul engine. In the same time, I had dig out my previously bought titanium exhaust, repaired and installed into the car.
Old post :

The first thing my wife asked on the first time I started the engine on the morning is "Why it is so noisy ?"

The answer I gave was "I installed the titanium exhaust". "The one previously in the store".

Even my mum asked the same question and I just give my mum a grin.

Anyway, even I can't stand the noise sometimes during this 3 weeks, hence I decided to bought a silencer and try to reduce the sound of the exhaust. I emailed Monster Sport a few times and finally got a replied. They had changed the product code and the silencer was ordered and installed.

The photo above show the silencer that was bought, it come in a small package and it is basically a cone shaped metal with a strip of sticker together. I not sure what that sticker for, maybe for air tightness upon installation.

Here are some photo of the "silenced" exhaust look like, does it work ? Yeah a bit maybe around 10%.
10% is better than none, but my wife feel no different. I had give it a try the other morning and my wife didn't notice the difference. She just say "My ears had used to the noise".
Does this mean I can remove it to enjoy the sound again?

Parts number :248510-4350 or 8FCE60 (Same parts fit to ZC31S titanium exhaust)
Price : JPY 5,800

Links to Suzuki Sport page for Ti-R titanium exhaust :-

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fancy a folding fabric electric sunroof for HT81S ?

 The above picture was taken from Paul Janet at facebook which was share in the Ignis Sport Owner page. This is a very nice modification, I always fancy something like this and having your entire top open up as a semi cabrio is indeed appealing.
I think some of you had seen the Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio before, that car are beautiful as above. One time I was thinking of changing my HT81S for one of these. That concept are just nice. Now I know that this can be done on my HT81S.

Great job to Paul Janet and I hope you could share more photo of your car if possible at the top angle and something from the back.

Links to original facebook page :-