Thursday, April 10, 2014

Driving HT81S without clutch ?

I bump into this video late last night and find it interesting that someone will actually do it on a HT81S. I had heard before that by adjusting the engine speed you can actually shift up and down without the pressing the clutch.

If you look closely to the video, the driver shift up and down when the rpm at around 4-5k hence that should be the sweet spot for the gearbox to synchronize for the gear change. I am not keen to have a try on my car but I would recommend to all to try. If possible, try to record it too and share it with me.
In addition, one of the F1driver had try this method when he was young due to he is too short to press the clutch hence he automatically realize that he can change gear without clutch when the engine rev is right.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hyper Rev for Swift Vol.177

It's time of the year for new magazine for Swift in the market. Hyper Rev have a new magazine last February which is Volume 177 of their series in the market now for Swift enthusiast. I spotted this magazine at Kinokuniya KLCC last few weeks and it is interesting. I wonder do they still show HT81S inside the magazine ?
The price for this magazine are RM102 and it is not cheap. Since my money mostly stuck with the overhaul process of my car, I am in saving mode this coming months and I shouldn't spend money unnecessary. So I decided to give it a pass. However, a week later, my wife bought it and give it to me as a gift. Thank you my dear wife!
As I anticipated, there are only 1 page that feature HT81S and it is just a brief introduction of the car and the worst part, they even put the wrong stat of the car. The horsepower and torque are not the correct figure!
In addition, the parts list doesn't even list parts for HT81S. So I think Japan had decided to retire HT81S from their market, maybe in a few year time it will be a vintage car.
If you are looking for something interesting to read about, just buy a copy of this mag and spend some time marvel with the modification for ZC32 and ZC31 by the Japanese tuner.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Engine Disassemble, what's next ?

Some time ago, I would like to know what happened inside the my HT81S engine after so many years of punishment and exercise. Now I got a chance to see everything after the engine disassemble. First, my mechanics had identify the problem of my car overheat being a bad gasket or a leak near the cylinder wall of one of the piston.
Next after taking everything apart, it is clear that the engine internal are badly covered with carbon deposits. I thought that by using a best quality of fuel in the country will prevent all these but I was proven wrong. I had used only V-Power and V-Power Racing fuel during the entire ownership of my car but carbon deposit still form at the engine upper block and the pistons. Maybe V-Power might not enough to deter the ping and to comply to the high compression requirement.
The other parts of the engine looks alright based on the colour of the parts being coated with engine oil. More can be seen after the engine oil cleaned from the engine parts. Most probably there won't be much problem with engine block for the next step in this overhaul process.

The cylinder head (piston head) are covered with carbon as can be seen in the picture below and the interesting part is only 2 of the valve are covered with carbon while the other 2 valve are clean. Why ? I think I will ask my mechanic during the visit next week.
I think thats all for now and next time I will share what parts are require during the overhaul process.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Something major are in the works

Its been 290k km since 2003 and now it is 2014, I had it planned to do a major servicing of my car when it hit 300k but something happened a month ago that hinder this target. My HT81S experience bad engine overheating before Chinese New Year and since it will take sometime to troubleshoot it, I had retired the car at home and only sent it out to the workshop early this month. The problem I had was the engine coolant will overflow to the expansion tank after engine heat up and it is not the problem of the radiator cap as it is new and I don't suspect it to be a problem with water pump or thermostat as the engine temperature will rise and fall while driving high speed and idling.
Where is my engine ? Apparently I decided to give the engine a proper overhaul and since it is close to 10 years of owning the car (the car was manufactured back in 2003 but I bought it only at 2005) and travel for near 300k km. The engine deserve a proper tender loving care. The engine was drop to the floor together with the gearbox and it is time to see what kind of beating this engine had endure after all these years.

First impression are ot great, the engine was covered with engine oil as the head cover gasket was leaking, next the engine knock sensor had melted, the exhaust manifold oxygen sensor are bad. That is for the engine, the gearbox are slightly better but clutch release bearing are bad which resulted heavy clutch feeling, so a new clutch set are required.

The wiring are out too and while the mechanics are taking the radiator for servicing, something keep ringing in my mind. What to do with the engine ?

Lets talk to the mechanics, the first question that come out of his mouth are "Upsize to 1.8 ?"
Hmmm......that is nice! But.......

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

HT81S Touge Battle

I bump upon this video during this morning internet search and I think it is worth to have a revisit to year 2003 for the HT81S in battle with Toyota Vits RS Turbo. During the battle it clearly show the power of HT81S in mountain road as being a bit weak in power but better handling even with a tall body. However in time trial the HT81S are being the last.
I can't remember where this video was capture from either from Best Motoring or Hot Version video.
It is entirely in Japanese and the website are in Japanese too. Hope you all enjoy the video!

Links to nicovideo player :-

P/S : Remember to watch the entire video until the end to have a small teaser about HT81S beating the GTR !

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I wonder where my sweets go to

 Have you ever done something so small and silly and spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how the h*ll it happened. That is just happened to me the other day and I just try to start with me having a bad morning as my throat is sore and feeling a bit dizzy.
I quickly went to my fridge and grab a few sweets to smooth my throat during my drive to work. After fire up my car and while cruising in the freeway, I go grab a sweets from my front pockets and with both my hands on top of my steering I unwrap my sweets.
Anyhow, my sweets make a way to freedom from my fingers and drop onto the slits between the steering column and the dashboard.
Ting! Tong! Ting! Tong! I'm thinking what had happened ?
I peek at the floor and there are no sweets on the carpet. Where the sweets go to, was the question in my mind all the way to my office. During the drive, I do occasionally try to touch and grab the underside of the steering column and the dashboard but can't feel the sweets.
Great! Now we have a AWOL sweets and with my kind of weather if it melts and stick to the wiring or plastic panel it will be an ant nest in no time.
Fast forward to the night, after park my car and grab my Maglite plus some basic tools. For those who don't know about Maglite try to google it as it is a great flash light. Maglite used by many government authorities in the USA. Back to the stories, I was looking for that sweets below all the wire and pedals but nothing there.
Where the heck is my sweets ? Next I ply open the lower tray of the dashboard and I still can't find it. That is one sneaky little sweets on the back of my mind. Next I try to open the steering column plastic cover, after unscrew it at the bottom, I try to pull it open via the location shown in the below photo.
Hmm, my finger grab something round. Yes! It is the sweets. It been hiding at the tray at that location, no wonder I can't find it. Now the best part, cleaning up. Luckily the sweets didn't melt and the only thing I need to do is to screw back all the plastics parts on the steering column and dashboard. 20 minutes spent on a AWOL sweets.
Moral of the stories, never eat or drink or sex inside the car! That is like the recipe for disaster. Maybe just for me.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New year - New shoes

 It is a brand new year and it almost 2 years since my last tire change. Hence Iggy need a new set of tire to replace my balding Michelin Pilot Sport 3. Michelin serve me well, my overall review of that sets of tire are :-
1. Good grip and tire warm up very fast
2. Good wet traction
3. Average lifespan
4. Noisy after 30k

During my tire change this time, I was given 2 choices either Toyo T1-R or PS3. My gut feeling are going back to PS3 but later change my mind in the last minute to try Toyo. Price for Toyo are cheaper than Michelin slightly. Plus Toyo are Made in Japan.
First impression are :-
1. Tire warm up slow
2. Good wet traction
3. Sidewall a bit soft and not that good for hard steering action
4. Very good in straights
5. Sensitive to tire pressure setting
Since I just use it for a few days, I will do another review after a bit longer with the tire. 

Here is my post for my last set of Michelin PS3 :-

Monday, January 13, 2014

ZC32S vs HT81S

Its 2014 now and my HT81S just celebrated its 10 years old and the latest generation of Swift Sport (ZC32S) was launched last year (in Malaysia) and I was thinking to visit the local showroom to have a test drive of this new car. I always wonder how much improvement it has over ZC31S.
The above picture was taken during one fine day and I was quite surprise to see a yellow ZC32 parked beside mine when I collect my car for lunch.
Surely I need to have a peek at the grandson of my car (ZC32S is 2 generation older than the current Swift Sport). The car does look nice and it does have it charms but it lack something on the exterior. After looking at it for 5 minutes, walking around the car and the final conclusion that I got is that the car is a 4 door Swift Sport and not a 2 door version (lucky you Euro chap).
Performance wise it is a great car with MT 6 speed and better engine design however it does loose a bit of it due to 4 door design.
Many tend to argue that if you get married, you will need a 4 door car for your children etc... I beg to differ that as I had used my car to ferry my wife before and after married, time when my wife are pregnant (this is of course with coilver ...  :) ) and with my children. My wife sometimes say it feel safer in HT81S than in a 4 door sedan or MPV as the rear passenger are cover entirely in a capsule and with no worries of children opening the door accidentally.
So, what say you fellow HT81S owner ? Do you share the same feeling as me?
Share with me your stories via comments below.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Wish List 2014

Hey, its time of the year to review what had happened this year and what to look for next year (2014). I was lucky enough to buy myself a set of Ohlins and managed to install it replacing my old Suzuki Sport. However there are still one thing that I didn't manage to get done this year, or maybe two things. 
First, I didn't or yet to overhaul my engine. I am reaching the 300k mileage by 1st quater next year so I am thinking to upgrade it to a NA 1.8 engine. 160bhp with 20kgm similar to Monster Sport demo car. The list of item to be replace or upgrade are huge and I am hoping that my piggy bank could afford it all.
Secondly, my earlier wish to publish a magazine about swift are totally 0% progress a out of time and idea. Anyway, I will relist again my next year wish list.

Something new in my wish list next year are the carbon fiber GT wing as above and a new set of side mirror as the paint of both this parts are getting bad and it is a good reason for the wife to let me change it. Anyway, she doesn't like the carbon rear wing.
So below are some links to the parts mention above :-

Ohlins :-

NX18 demo car by Monster Sport :-

P/S : Happy New Year to fellow HT81S owner around the world and if you do have parts for sale, do email me or drop me a comments here. I might be setting up a used/new parts gallery for trade and sale in the future. Cheers!