Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Online part catalogue (Russian)

If you wanted to find parts number for your Swift Sport/Ignis Sport, you normally will visit the local Suzuki dealer and they will help you find in their database book manually or online. However, now you can view it online via the link below. 
One of the problem is that it is in Russian, so if you can read Russian then no problem else you need to navigate using picture. It is not difficult but a bit more time are required.

Links to Russian site :-

Happy searching!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Relaxing with your car

A day out relaxing with your car is one of the great pleasure of life. If you are married, this break is great for the mind and body. If you are single, it also bring you closer to your dream of driving fast and dangerous.
Just a great photo where the owner wear the matching colour of the car. I think I need to do this someday, hmmmm….. where is my red T-shirt ?
Where is this photo taken ? Europe ? seaside of lake side ?
This photo was taken from facebook and doesn't belong to me. All credit to the photo owner.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

HT81S feature in Japan children magazine ?

One fine day while browsing twitter during breakfast, saw someone twitted that HT81S featured in some sort of children magazine in Japan. That person also posted the picture of the magazine and I grab it and share it here.
You can clearly see that a yellow HT81S on the right page of that magazine and I am happy to say again than HT81S is a clearly future classic/legend where even after 10 years, it still come into magazine and put beside some legendary car in Japan such as S2000, Skyline etc.

I hope someone could help me translate that magazine name and the contents for my further research. Long live HT81S.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Broken eye HT81S

A broken corner of HT81S make me think of the a broken eye or a blue eye. It is always sad to see a car in accident and how this owner wrap the broken area make me think of of someone face with a bandage on the eye.
Anyway, all the picture doesn't belong to me, grab from twitter and sorry to the owner. It is not fun to have accident.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Titanium exhaust - half of it

Sometimes you just never know what you will find in the internet. This time I found this exhaust and bought it straight away. From the packaging you can't see what it is however my wife knew it straight away that it will be a lightweight exhaust when she received it from the courier man. It is light indeed.
As I mention at the title, it just part of it. The 2nd half of the exhaust to be correct as thats what left from the seller. However, I just can't miss this as this is the top of the line Suzuki Sport titanium exhaust produce for HT81S.
Anchor point for the muffler.
 The welded Suzuki Sport Titanium series badge!
Do they need to further save weight with the cutout ?

Since the original design of this exhaust come in 2 part the 1st part of it connect the exhaust manifold with this 2nd part directly, just a straight pipe. So I reckon that we can fabricate a stainless steel pipe from the manifold to this and bolt both together with gasket.

Anyway interested on this ? Email me!

Links to the titanium exhaust installed and bought previously :-

The links for suzuki sport center out titanium exhaust :-

Friday, April 7, 2017

Carbon Wrap bits

This is a great example of carbon wrap design for some exterior and interior pieces. Personally I feel it is beautifully done. The design of the carbon are nice and with glossy finish it will look great under lighting.
Interior wise, I sometimes feel glossy finish is not the best as it will reflect light which will make the driver uneasy. Look nice for photo but not that good for usage.
The wing mirror is nice as glossy finish will make it look premium and last longer.
The above is for sale as the owner had sold the car, you can search under Ryan Taylor in Suzuki Ignis Sport Owners facebook page for details. Great work by Ryan and hope you will buy an Ignis Sport back soon.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Clean front bumper

This is a fine example of a clean bumper which incorporate the Suzuki Sport light pod and the sporty front black mesh. Maybe this design is quite normal but what I would like to emphasise here are the seamless gap on the fog lamp line, as you know the Suzuki Sport light pod are addition and it is screw on the original bumper so there will be gap line. However this bumper are clean and seamless which make it even better. Something like a one piece design.
Great job to the owner and what a nice intake setup too. Piping to the front bumper for cold air intake.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Another nice interior

After using a car for more than 10 years, the interior of most of HT81S are worn out esspecially the seats, so there is no surprise that many owner will upgrade the seats via using new leather wrap or refurbish the seat.
That's what being done by this particular owner of Iggy which wrapped the seats in a very special design and combination of black carbon, matt and red pattern.
Great job on this design and I wonder which colour of the car it is. Maybe a black colour exterior is the best combination for this car.
I wonder what happened to the head rest, the wire mesh design on the front seat are gone and the rear seat doesn't have the rear seat.
Photo grab from facebook and not from me. Credit to the owner.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Yellow Iggy In Support of "Ugly" Car (UK)

This yellow Ignis Sport show his support for yellow car in UK recently. What actually happened before this is really interesting where a yellow car parked in a village in England was deemed ugly. Thats what happened or shown in the picture below.
How do you justify that the car is ugly and ruin the view of the village. It is just a car and we are in year 2017 and do they wish that the car are replaced with a bicycle ? People who stay there need to move around too.

Anyway, the full story can be read via the link below and thank you for that yellow Iggy for being there to show your support!