Friday, July 24, 2015

A theme Ignis ?

I previously saw this post from Facebook and think it is good to share some interesting photo. These photo originaly from Peak FM, UK and I wonder why they decorate this Ignis to this. Anyway, the car look like a 4 door Ignis and I not sure what is the material used to cover the entire car. Anyone can explain to me ? Drop me a comments...

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Safety Recall For HV81S & HT81S

Suzuki had announced a safety recall for all Ignis Sport (HV81S) and Swift Sport (HT81S) recently and it cover worldwide on all car manufactured between year 2000-2008. The reason for the recall are mainly on the fire hazard on the ignition switch grease. As the usage of the ignition grease increases over the years, there might be a chance of carbonise and create smoke from the ignition. All owner are urged to visit the local Suzuki dealer for inspection and remedial works.

So far from my search, Suzuki Japan, Australia and Netherlands had issued official safety recall, so for those located there will received their notice soon if you still the 1st owner of the vehicle. Or you might give your local dealer a call to check for vehicle VIN confirmation and booking of inspection time.

Below are the links from Suzuki Japan and Austratia product safety recall website on the announcement.

Suzuki Japan :-

Australia Product Safety Recall :-

Australia News Clip :-

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Archive HT81S TrackDay Video

I think this video was recorded quite some years ago and most probably during 2003-2005 period where HT81S was launch. The video is about HT81S trackday at Tsukuba, Japan.
Quite pity the driver that he can't overtake the car in front as just lack that little bit of power and time.
Anyway, when running on the same type of car on the same track, it will take something special in order to run at the front, else you just within the middle pack.
Hope HT81S owner enjoy this video.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

More Underground Manga HT81S

It must be interesting to see HT81S as canvass for Manga fans. This should be interesting being another culture of modification.
 Personally I wont do it to my car as it just not my cup of tea. It just too interesting and too funny.
Do you like this ? Want more ?

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Pikachu + HT81S

Here is the return to underground parking gathering in Japan. Previously I had posted picture of HT81S with beautiful manga and anime stickers. Recently I saw more posting of HT81S at the same place and here is the picture.
This time I found the yellow HT81S with cute Pikachu being the main theme. They do match as Pikachu are yellow and it does look nice.
 The rear mirror design are a bit disappointing. It doesn't really follow the theme...
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

JWRC HT81S at new TAJIMA International Automotive Center

Here comes the new TAJIMA International Automotive Center, and there are loads of cars from the Suzuki Sport, Monster Sport and Tajima Shop that were displayed at the front door of TAJIMA.

One of the Ignis was previously mention in my blog and during that time, I am not sure for what purpose these car was taken out of the garage. Now I know this is to promote the legacy of Tajima during all these year on developing very unique and championship winner car. The picture above show another Ignis in JWRC form which was the only one in yellow out of all the car display there.

JWRC Ignis are truly a legend in its own and I am proud to own one too… not the JWRC version of course.

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Monster Proshop Yokohama Show Off Race Car

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Monster Proshop Yokohama Show Off Race Car

Both the above photo was from Monster Shop Yokohama facebook page. I not sure why they put all their race vehical outside the building, maybe for a yearly factory floor cleaning.
But the interesting car is the 4 door ignis which is mod to off road track specification. Anyway, it is a interesting little car. Single seater with extra high suspension together with big rear wing. I wonder when they will use this car for and what races it enter.
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I had posted before about this red Ignis here too :-

Thursday, February 12, 2015

HT81S with telemetry on track

This time, I would like to share a video which show HT81S with telemetry around the track. The telemetry design are interesting and really informative.

The interior of the HT81S are standard but there are something on the DIN there which I couldn't identify. Other items that I notice are the car is yellow in color with sparco seat.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

How much do you miss HT81S in the news, and sometimes I just wish Monster Sport or Suzuki will review it again. Anyway, Monster Sport does post something short at their facebook page. It was a short view of HT81S in M18. The photo are their demo car and equip with a M18 engine in a sub-1 ton car.
They further mention that this car could last another 10 years with it current setup to compete with the current generation of sport compact car. That is such a big honor to a more than 10 years old car.
Do you feel the same to ? I do!
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