Monday, March 20, 2017

B Crews oil pan baffle plate

Have you heard about oil pan baffle plate ? This plate is to reduce the moving of engine oil sideways during cornering and heavy braking and acceleration. Monster sport and B Crews does produce this item for HT81S and this time I will show the design by B Crews. 
The kit is a 2 piece kit to be install in between the top plate and the bottom pan. Screw in and it is ready. Design wise is much simpler than the Monster Sport.
Do you interested to install one ? I think it is still available and you can order from B Crews directly or you can search yahoo auction japan where there are one available.
Price : JPY16,800

Links to B Crews webpage on oil plan baffle plate :-

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Driver + HT81S

What would you do when being together for so long with your car ? Below are some of the example of what happened at Japan. They really do love their car, personally I dont dare to put the bonnet cover over my head. However, the photo are great!

Photo from twitter and facebook source, credits to them not me.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

More photo from around the world

Source of photo from twitter and facebook. Credits to the original owner.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Scooter in HT81S ?

What you going to do when you need a scooter for a weekend event ? How about a HT81S as the transporter ? Someone in Japan show us how...

First you need to remove the front passenger seat.
Next remove the rear seat too!
 Push the scooter from the front passenger seat in.
Remember to put some plastic cover on the floor, and voila you have a scooter transporter using a HT81S.
All photo from twitter and credit to the owner.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Singapore Ignis Sport in 9tro Alliance

Have you heard about 9tro Alliance ? I do not but I am interested now. Why ? Because of what written on the photo above. "Brother From Different Mothers"are such a catchy words and based on the photo the cars are Ignis Sport and Lancer Evo 9 Wagon.
I am not going to go in detail on the Lancer but the Ignis Sport look great in black! Nice shot by the photographer.

 Over all appearances at great when black pair with gold rims!
 Engine bay is a bit home style, but it works.
 Nice rims, thick tires.
 Old school dash and design.
 Short shifter and what does the center controller for ? Normal or bypass?
 Leather Recaro, great taste.
 Nice height, not too low.

Great daily runner and hope this will be a great car 10 years from now, after the COE expire. You can read more on the specification and tuning done on the car from 9tro page (links below). All photo belong to 9tro, credits to them.  

Links to original page at 9tro Alliance :-

Links to previous post of the same Ignis Sport :-

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tryforce Coilover - Part 2

Previously I had post about Tryforce coilover for HT81S and I had found some additional photo that relate to that coilover over set.
 Front suspension
 Rear suspension (low)
 Rear suspension (high)
Notice that the mounting point design for the bottom bolt is actually a bracket ? The tube is installed upside down. Something different from other brand.

Below is a screen shot of the complete set of coilover from Tryforce website :-
Links to Tryforce Japan product website :-

Links to Tryforce Coilver Part 1 :-

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

L'aunsport HT81S

Just a flashback into the aftermarket body parts and interior modification company L'aunsport Japan. They produce many JWRC or WRC replica parts and they come in many shapes and sizes. For HT81S, they had produces many interior and exterior parts which one of my favourites is the widebody kit. Eventho that HT81S comes standard with additional plastic fender which make it a bit more wide however it is still not wide enough compare to the real JWRC Ignis Super 1600 rally car.
So L'aunsport design a complete bodykit which mimics the real JWRC and it does look great, esspecially the carbon fiber style shown below.

However, if you are in a budget mode you still can choose a FRP material which cost half of the carbon fiber. But you need to spend some money for the paint to match your car colour. While the carbon fiber will look great as it is. Both look awesome and you can finally fit the wide rims to match. Maybe a small spacer too.

Price ? You can look via the brochure below and you can contact L'aunsport Japan via the link provided :-

Links to L'aunsport Japan :-

Monday, March 6, 2017

One more Ignis Sport to junk

It's saddening to see another Ignis Sport end it life, however the way this body going to junk do make me smile. Not only how the transport the car done it, but the way the driver/owner expression make me smile.
Anyway, it will be recycle and hopefully start a new life as new Ignis. R.I.P yellow Iggy!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

HT81S gathering (Malaysia)

This time is the chance to show that even with 2 HT81S, we can have a gathering. Not comparable to Japan but at least some photo shooting moments and to share to all of the world.
Nice to chat with Shawn again and hope that more chances like this in the future. Maybe more cars too.

Just ignore the Porsche and Masseratti and the background, they are just the sideshow. Anyway, just to clarify we do not owned them. Well, I do wish sometime!