Saturday, May 14, 2016

Nice photo from Germany

 The owner of this silver Ignis Sport in Germany posted some very nice picture in tuningsuche website.
The Ignis Sport look decent and standard and clean too. The photo was taken at very nice angle which highlight the design of Ignis Sport.
I just share 3 of the pictures here and the rest of it can be view at the links below. Good job xeqfan!

Links to original page :-

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hand drawn HT81S

This is a nice hand drawn picture of a white HT81S, I found this the other day but unfortunately I had forgotten from who and where that I got it.
Sorry that I share it here without the owner knowledge, but good things need to be share..

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

HT81S Spotted

I spotted this yellow HT81S sometimes ago. It is just fun to see another HT81S on the road, in Malaysia. As my friend always say, your car is even more rare than ferrari. :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pikachu Ignis Sport from Netherlands

 As I had mention many times, HV81S or HT81S is the perfect canvas for design and stickers. The wide and boxy body have a great space for design and this is further confirm by this Ignis owner from Netherlands.
 The theme he had chosen is an angry pikachu and the colour is yellow and black with thunder decals.
A great design and art work from someone outside Asia.

More picture can be view from his facebook page here :-
Marijn Strootman

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Revisit M18 on HR51S

This is a revisit to a car that was mention previously in my blog. The main reason that this car worth a mention even tho it is not a HT81S or HV81S is the engine inside the car. The car is a Ignis 4 door or in some market named as Cruze. The exact chassis code is HR51S. Which means it is a 1.5l engine car. But the owner proudly mention it is a HR81S - why 81 ? Here's why...
On the outside, it look pretty standard with HT81S wheels but what interesting is what inside the engine bay. Lay inside is Monster Sport tuned M18 engine NX18 with PFX intake. This means it is a complete engine by Monster Sport and it should churn out around 140hp with 180Nm to 200Nm torque. This engine is a dream engine for most NA tuner as it does offer great engine response and very good revving engine.
 Others special item installed into the car are bucket seats, titanium exhaust and Ohlins suspension sets.
Here is a proof by Monster Proshop in Shizuoka Iwata branch, a thumbs up by the chief mechanic on the car. I wish my car can have a tuned up there too. But its a long drive from Malaysia to Japan….. sigh!
More information can be view via the owners instagram page @mcdocument - Kazuma Ishihara
I wish for a test drive on the car, or maybe on Monster HT81S demo car...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

X bar on C Pillar ?

I found this via Yahoo Auction Japan and wonder if it will fit HT81S, the part are listed for HT51S which is the 5 door variant of HT81S and the X bar look interesting.
The mounting point is rather interesting on the lower point which I not sure how they do it. The top mounting point is no doubt the rear seat belt point.
The picture shown is not the full set which only the X bar is mounted. The full set will have additional 2 vertical bar and 2 horizontal bar too.
Price ? JPY56,000 which is rather steep.
Material ? Stainless steel SUS304

Links to original post here :-

Thursday, February 25, 2016

After 1 year, its time for 100

It's been a year since my red HT81S went out for petrol, my HT81S had spend most of its time inside my home and rarely run. However, since the introduction of RON100 by Petron recently, now HT81S have a good reason to go for some stretching.
 The pump gun is colour silver which is different from the common green colour used for normal unleaded 97, yellow for unleaded 95 or V-power in red.
Fill it up to the maximum this time and let it have a good run after wards. Anyway, I had half full tank of V-Power and now mixed up with Ron100 Petron.
 Mileage is currently at 297530km after 11 years of ownership. It serve me well, very well.
The damage done to the wallet is RM71 for 25 litres of Ron100. Is it worth it ? I think so. The feeling is much better after using Ron100, the engine run smoother and quieter.
Once I run 100, I never turn back!
I wonder how much it cost for Ron100 around the world? Drop me under the comments!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

HT81S review by Infinityvisual

This is something interesting, I never thought that someone will do their own review of HT81S in a place far far away from Europe and Asia.

If I read correctly Infinityvisual is from somewhere in Africa and I think it is not possible for any HT81S to be found there.
Update : The origin of the video is from Georgia, South Western Asia country. Thanks beniowski!
Anyway, the music is ok and the audio is acceptable. The feature car is a JDM HT81S with modification.
Links to video owner :-

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Coming Soon from Japan

I bump into this on twitter the other day and found the effect of the photo to be very great. I feel it gave me the feeling of star wars and I wonder what he used on the background for the white lights.
The photo look mysterious…..
 Here I found the white light source….a HID from another car.
 Can I see the driver ?
 Great shadow effect!

Anyway it is a great set of photos and too bad that I forget to save the links to the original twitter post. Once I found it, I will update the post again. Kudos to the photo owner.

Thanks for the update from the twitter account owner, the link to the original twitter post are below :-