Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Something had arrived from Japan

I haven't bought anything much recently as I am looking/saving up for certain parts that I would love to  install into my car. However, lucky me, I saw this for sale on auction Japan the other day for a good price too.
It is a Greddy/Trust exhaust manifold for ZC31, I know it does have CAT and why CAT ? I just feel it is better with CAT and I think it won't smell that bad when I use the car. CAT less will have bad petrol smell on the exhaust.
This exhaust should be able to install properly to the HT81S and hopefully it will match the titanium exhaust that currently on my car.
 The parts are claimed new and it does look new. It is clean and shinny.
 The welding on the manifold are ok and it is certainly not as good as the titanium weld.
The picture above are the size of the outlet. I think that this manifold will fit the monster exhaust cover too. Then it will be perfect on the engine bay.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Neat engine bay from Russia

This is something I must share, I do love clean car especially with a clean engine bay. This is what I saw on the internet the other day. The photo are taken from a website in Russia, with all the help of the internet, I still do not understand what they are saying there but picture tell a thousand words. This photo do speak a lot.
I just love the way how he took the engine cover and modified it into the engine and cutaway the excess in order to fit the piping of the new air filter. I just love the clean engine bay. Thumbs up to the owner.

Links to the original page :-

Monday, September 28, 2015

TT with a fellow HT81S…….

It may look too little, it may look too simple, but that's what happened when you TT with a fellow HT81S. It won't be as much car as what happened in Japan, UK or even Singapore, however it will be more personal.
How I wish more will be able to come and join and chat about anything about HT81S. Thanks Shawn for the invite and it's been a long time since I out for a TT.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ignis Sport at Facebook - Ultimate Garage of Everyday Cars

Have you heard about this page before ? I am not saying about World of HT81S, but Ultimate Garage of Everyday Cars on Facebook. I never heard about it, but I read about it after recommended by someone on Facebook especially when it write about Ignis Sport.

Quote :-
"The Suzuki Ignis Sport belongs in the Ultimate Garage as it is extremely rare (only two for sale in Australia at time of review), quite unique, enjoyable to drive and for the price of this car you really could not ask for much more!

I think thats really speak about the car itself and I fully agree about it. Further review can be view via the links below. Give it a like too if you are there.

Links to Facebook page :-

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Some photos after a late night drive

It's been a while since I drove my car out at night, the car been sitting inside the house for more than 1 year after the engine rebuilt and this is due to I was allocated with a company car for daily usage. I normally start the car every week and move a couple of inches just to feel the brake, gear and clutches.
So the above is some photo I capture after driving the car at night and the feeling is great. I drove an automatic car now so the left side of my body are somehow useless and having to drive a manual car does feel great. The fun of pressing the clutch and shifting together with the more firm suspension do bring back the memory of running the ht81s at highway many years ago.
Do you share the same feeling too every time driving an HT81S ? Share your stories with me ..

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A tear on my seat

Do anyone of you have this problem before ? I can't really remember when this happened but when I spotted this, it is too late for any remedial works. The size of the tear just grow and grow day after day. 
What kind of solution do I have ? Halfcut ? Can I just change the lower piece of the seat ?
Share your ideas and comments here ! I appreciate it, or you have something to sell to me or trade ? Drop me an email at worldofht81s@gmail.com

Monday, September 7, 2015

Tryforce Coilover

It's been a while since I spotted something for HT81S, this time I saw this on sale on yahoo auction and I think it is good to share. Something interesting that I would like to pull your attention to is the design of the rear shocks mounting , it is different from all the design I ever seen for HT81S, this design the bolt position are slanted in where the damping adjustment are in-line along the shocks while the mount are offsets. The other interesting part are the rear springs mount on the bottom of the are a solid iron. I not sure why they do this but it look nice.
What you looking at is a set of coilover for HT81S made by Tryforce company in Japan. The picture shown are pillow ball upper mount and the colour of it does look great.
The design of this damper are inverted same as Ohlins and it is something interesting and that it cost that much. If anyone installed this before, please share the photo with me. I really would like to see one with this setup.

Price :-
JPY 216,000

Setting :-
20 level adjustment for both front and rear

Spring :-
8K Front 12K Rear

Links to Tryforce (Japanese) webpage :-

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Selfie from Poland

Good picture with an Ignis Sport are hard to come by and if there are a nice girl with it, it will be even rare. Spotted this picture from Facebook the other day and can't help myself not to share with the rest of the world. She's from Poland and she wore a matching colour Suzuki shirt too. That is just great!
Hope she doesn't mind the hijack of her photo.

Links to the Facebook page :-

Friday, July 24, 2015

A theme Ignis ?

I previously saw this post from Facebook and think it is good to share some interesting photo. These photo originaly from Peak FM, UK and I wonder why they decorate this Ignis to this. Anyway, the car look like a 4 door Ignis and I not sure what is the material used to cover the entire car. Anyone can explain to me ? Drop me a comments...

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