Saturday, February 17, 2018

Ignis watch anyone ?

Do you fancy a Ignis watch to compliment your ride ? Citizen Japan does produce one and this is how it look like. Not that impressive but still ok. I can't find more official information from Citizen website and I grab that picture from Yahoo Auction page only.
This watch does look better than the old one previously posted here :-
If you want one, google it and put a bid.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cruze Meeting Log 2008

It's Cruze not Ignis Sport. The 4 door Ignis which rebadge as Cruze in Japan domestic market.
Not many show up for the gathering but still a good way to get together.
 White and black.
Red and black, front band back.
Photo taken from twitter and all credit to the owner.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Spooky HT81S

It's dark and spooky. A yellow HT81S gives the black vibe in that night, or sunset time.
Nice car, rally style side mirror, offset licensed plate, Jwrc style bonnet cover, Suzuki Sport fog lamp too. More goodies in the inside of the car, I suspect.
Just love the effect of the photo. Have to share this. Photo taken from twitter and credit to the owner.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

KRC Japan HT81S

 What can I say about this design ? Touring ? Extreme ? Wild ?
I don't really know which category should this referred to. If you can spot the extended front skirting, the wider side skirting and oddly high wing.
Non-symetry stickers and race number on the side is a bit non standard theme combination.
The interior is strip out race theme.
Which workshop did this ? KRC Japan and they did many extreme modification of cars and the picture above from Instagram on the process of building the car. What do you think about this car ?
Great effort and design but just not my cup of tea.

More information about KRC can be view via the link below :-

KRC Instagram here :-

More information directly on KRC Japan HT81S :-

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

One Day With My Swift Challenge

This is something new, an extended version of photo challenge that commonly done in Facebook. A day with your favourite car will show what you normally do and go to with your lovely car. I think the video should be limit to 3 minutes or less and keep to the important part of your daily life.
Enjoy the video and great job to the owner of the video.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Broken headlamp

What a creative photo to highlight the broken headlamp! Love the photo and can't help myself to share it. Love the effect and colour. 
Photo taken from facebook and all credit to the owner.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ignis "Suzuki Sport Edition"

Suzuki Ignis Sport or Suzuki Ignis "Suzuki Sport Edition" ? That is what I wonder as I read all the online review on the latest Ignis model launch in Indonesia. Almost all the portal, news and review are naming it Ignis Sport but on their official website there aren't any mention of the Ignis Sport edition, rather Ignis "Suzuki Sport" edition.
This naming is really interesting, why ? Because Suzuki Sport doesn't exist anymore, it was replaced with Monster Sport in Japan, so why does Suzuki Sport still mention in the product lineup ? A more appropriate naming should be Ignis "Monster Sport" edition.
Anyway, this Ignis are a modified variantion of the original Ignis, where a more sporty rims, rear spoiler, DRL and some other extra.
I wonder, if the real Ignis Sport which might launch this year, how should the new Ignis Sport be named in the Indonesia market ?

Links to Suzuki Indonesia Ignis website :-

Links to brochure :-

Monday, January 29, 2018

Ignis Sport go places

I love photo of Ignis Sport /Swift Sport with nature, especially the rural area with great view. I think the car belong there, the stance and the shape of the car make it to explore the nature. Not going the extreme like 4x4 vehicle but more like the country road type.
The above 2 photo are great, even the camera angle can be better but the subject is very nice. Good job by the owner and all credit to him/her. Photo taken from Facebook.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Congratulation Cake

Who don't like a cake ? A cake with a picture of your car, that's even better ! Size doesn't matter here but the content is more important. Above is a cake with a picture of HT81S on the top. I wonder how they do it ? Printing ? Is it edible ?
The note on the top are for 19 years celebration. Anyway, I too wish Omedeto to the owner.
Photo taken from twitter and credit to the owner.